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Think Beyond- Short Story Collectives New release

Think Beyond- Short Story Collectives

Short Story Collectives- Think Beyond.  Has 4 Novelettes and 3 short stories that the readers can interact with the characters abstractly, and make them think, laugh, see subtle humor and relate to. It contains

A Peep into the Poetic Murder- Friend and Not a Friend- Recapping the Good Old Style,
YOU NEED NOT BE FROM IIM’S   TO EMBARK SUCCESS, IF YOU ARE   TALENTED   -A Humorous tale to a serious aspiration
Rustic in eyes, a wise-owl in life- Novelette about a Wise Owl Group, who are a benchmark for others.
Morale Revolution 2025
The Round Clock of All Times That Zeroes down everything.
Simple Meet
Time Travel with Twins 

A few snippets of this book-

A Peep into the Poetic Murder- Friend and Not a Friend- Recapping the Good Old Style
“There existed a man, who spoke in poetic verses. He witnessed a murder at night, the terrific night, he verses upon the tragic view with intensity of lines, but people don’t take him seriously. For one man understood him, he was a threat, one man tried to protect him, and he was his friend.”
Screenplay: Narration…………………….
There once lived a Man in Scotland called “Poemish Scott” who talked in verses. His playful nature and affinity for poems stole all his time in this engagement. He became a versant in poems, that he talked poems, walked poems and lived poems. Every interaction was loaded by lines with the beauty of poems. He had two friends Vann and Vanne, the twins who lived the house by. His love for poems and his behavior brought him the apt title, “Mr. Poemish”. This story took shape in his life when he was 50 years old, unmarried, and the only litterateur in the Kingdom at that time passage. People looked at him during his interactions and tried to make out what he meant and said. Most people did not have a mindset for literature nor did anybody take pains to understand. Vanne, the neighbor would say, “Keep it simple, Stupid.” And Vann would rephrase it with, “Keep it simple Scott”. The Twins had opposite temperament, while both seemed good in nature. 


YOU NEED NOT BE FROM IIM’S   TO EMBARK SUCCESS, IF YOU ARE   TALENTED   -A Humorous tale to a serious aspiration

“This is a novelette, a story, to develop passion for every reader, to move away from barriers evident from a village background. To kindle self- hope and come to truth from flying kites to the reality and develop in the reality to the goals marked, as dreams don’t make a person, it is the evident performance in reality that lives up. A boy lived in a remote village of Wardha, where he was from the lower strata, his English skills were low. He wanted a job in the city. He wanted to grab his dream job in KPST and his English and skills were a barrier. He joined as an Audit Assistant in MN & Co., to sustain his sustenance, and edge close to his dream career. This is a story of a village boy, who learns excel and English to near perfection and masters it and finds his dream job. He is interviewed at KPST two times firstly once and later after 6 months, meanwhile in gap he fights his latent and evident flaws and develops himself in these months, and how he uses his experience and understanding from his previous job to grab a job is what it is all about, in competition with an IIM Calcutta Student. In a heated debate with the Calcutta Guy, can he finally turn his dreams into a reality?”

Rustic in eyes, a wise-owl in life  
 “Abba, Listen, I can’t come to India. We are settled here, and bringing you here is very impractical Abba, the medical expenses, I can’t afford, but I can give you a peaceful place to stay, many people of your age will be there, and we will visit you, when we come.” 
“I don’t want companions, All I want is you, Come back Abrar, Come back to India.” 
“Abba try to understand...” 
Abba hung up the phone.  
In two days, He would have to vacate the house, the house was in dilapidated, in a to-fall condition, and no longer inhabitable. Abrar, had found him an Old age home to stay. 
He had been abroad for 10 years with his family and never found time to...visit him, ran his thoughts.  
With what love he had grown him up, he had made sure his Son had all luxuries at him forgetting his own. Didn’t he think of those, today he had money to buy his Abba, a burden less home, so his responsibility got cut-off, but not be with him in his losing times, when he yearned for such love.  
He brushed the tears from his eyes, Life has to be faced, and he would face with courage, however tumultuous it is for him. For, the world had become selfish.   
Abba too had a passion. A passion that lay hidden behind the shadows of time, tapering with him all by. He never glanced it back, but not until now. For him son was all, all was his son. He lived deserted in memories...back all those days, he had been with his son. He had showered love , so much love that his son had taken him for granted. His weakness was evident. Ever so, but now it was a brink change of attitude.  The attitude that made him think, to realize  the value of him, in his son’s eyes. He was not needed any more. He had become old, too old for his son, who needs dispensed him. He felt he needed  a life, a life where  people positioned him at his” Name”, and not as so and so ‘s Son.  

Morale Revolution 2025
A terrorism re-habitation  researcher and Social Sciences Professor Srivastava  Narayan, teaching at M.P Institute Research Center,Bangalore, develops a paper titled Morale Revolution 2025 in India, to slap the corruption and rehabilitation of terrorists and bringing them on Gandhian principles, with a dream of re-carving and bringing light glow of shining honesty long forgotten in the history of India.He trips to Germany to present his research paper. Never did he think he would get a situation that would check in actuating the findings and problem solving of his research paper when he and few German, are held in hostage by 2 Afghans leaders.How does Srivastava, turn the situation in his favor and actuate his findings is what the novel is all about. 
 CHAPTER 1: 2025 
  15 August 2025, 10 pm  
 Lively India, with people bustling here and there.It is 10pm. Ladies are wandering about everywhere. India means safety and safety means India, a feel in every woman. 
There were grand  celebrations all around India, India’s  celebation of 78 years was rejoiced by every Indian, both at home and abroad. The intellectual class now preferred to stay in India rather than abroad, because India had drastically developed over the years. It was peaceful.    
At Delhi   
In a cosy house, with a full family, went the conversation.  
Grandad: Sleep Anil, its getting late.You have school tomorrow.  
Anil: Grandpa, Story first!!  
Grandad: Ah, I was wondering what story you would ask me today. 
Anil: Today, In school, they talked about a Modern Gandhi  and Gandhi.  

Time Travel With Twins
Scott learns about Time Travel
Five years passed. Scott lived in Tech house. He became a researcher in Tech and also helped Lewis and Kent with the development of Time Machine. Working with Kent and Lewis, Scott learned the advanced technology and became an amateur researcher himself. One day,  he asked Lewis, “How do you time travel? How is it that the machine travel’s faster than light?”
Lewis smiled and said, “Glad you asked…”
Kent just checked in. Kent answered, “Scott simple as it is, when you walk fast or run, the time is fast for you. For people around you walking slower, times goes slower.”
Lewis said, “Same happens in space, when you fly higher and higher in greater speed, time is faster, for people on earth it is much slower.”
Scott said, “But the machine doesn’t go in space, then how does it travel?”
Kent said, “Fundamentally that’s the base on which our machine is built.”
Lewis said, “You are aware that light beams travel in parallel, right?”
Scott said, “Yes, Lewis.”

Interested readers can have a  look at this  recently  published book – “Think Beyond- Short Story Collectives” is on Pothi platform. It is available for purchase as a print edition at . Sample is available on the site.Ebook is available at…/bo…/ebook-madhumitha-murali-think-beyond . 

Happy time reading!!

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